A Filmmaker's Journey

Contemporary Women’s Care

I first met Pam Snook during my Biomedical Ethics class when Rollins Philosophy/Religion professor, and all around awesome person, Creston Davis brought her in to speak about ethics boards and the practical applications of maleficence, beneficence, and non-maleficence – principles we’d been discussing all semester. Dr. Snook had mentioned in class that she was opening up her own new practice and another student boldly offered her assistance during the upcoming summer. I too spoke up and offered her assistance with any and all video work she may want to do for her practice. A couple weeks later she emailed me, we met at Starbucks, and the ball got rolling rather quickly.

Dr. Snook took care of the hardest part of the shoot – the script. I have no medical background and considering that she is opening a new OBGYN practice aptly named Contemporary Women’s Care, I felt ill equipped to write her a worthy script.

We shot at Winter Park Hospital with a few of her patients and the rest of the CWC team. The first thing that stood out about all of the doctors was that they were all the most genuine, caring, and goofy people I had ever worked with, and I think you can see that in the videos. Dr. Snook very often would make the remark, “This is not how most doctors act, trust me.” Honestly, it’s a shame that they don’t. Their energy was infectious.

A couple highlights from the shoot were that we named the closing sequence “The Grey’s Anatomy shot” and that one of the patients that we worked with was none other than 106.7’s Jana, who lent her voice talent for our voice over track.

This was my first “client” outside of my Rollins videos, and as such it was new and uncharted territory for me. Besides the usual technical hiccups, everything turned out beautifully!

Here is the final spot:


The greatest thing about this shoot was the fact that we had enough time and enough high-energy personalities that a blooper reel was an absolute must. Check that out here:



For all your OBGYN needs, check out Dr. Snook and her team here!


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